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Academic Coaches has teamed up with the MHHS PTSA to offer the most complete school-sponsored class for the SAT!

Academic Coaches begins the preparation process by administering a full-length diagnostic SAT and providing each student with a very comprehensive breakdown of his or her scoring.  We feel this is the most descriptive and thorough analysis available since it enables the student to view their individualized strengths and weaknesses across a wide spectrum of skill areas.

The diagnostic test also gives our instructors the ability to see if your child is effectively utilizing their time during the test by prioritizing problems according to their difficulty levels. Additionally it generates a baseline raw and scaled score to compare with future test attempts.

Our specialists then provide 24 hours of instruction addressing both strategy application and content review for the Evidence-Based Reading, Writing/Language, Math (calculator and non-calculator) and optional Essay sections of the test. Every aspect of the SAT is addressed including test structure and scoring explanation, time management during the test, full math review and reinforcement of core skills, key word recognition, test-taking strategies, and essay construction. Students will see and solve numerous types of problems via multiple methods so they can then tailor the solution to their preferred approach.

And since we understand that listening and watching is not doing, weekly homework is assigned, checked for completion, and reviewed. We also run through timed test sections and compare their performance with the diagnostic results in order to further refine their test-taking abilities.

Because of our affiliation with MHHS and their PTSA, we are able to offer this class at a reduced price of $385.00 with a portion of the proceeds going to support Mount Hebron High School activities.



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To Enroll and Pay:
1) Select the class into which you would like to enroll your child, fill out the form, and click "Enroll".
2) Go to the Payment Center and follow the link to fill out the Secure Payment Form. The cost is $385.00.
3) Once you pay, you will receive a receipt for payment to the email address you entered on the payment form.     This is confirmation that your child is enrolled in the class.
4) We will send out a reminder email about a week before the class with additional information.